Monday, 31 October 2011


1. Grammar 6-1

2. Do both exercises from this link

3. Do Exercise Number 2 from Grammar > 6-1 > Ex. 2


Person - who, that
Thing - which, that

4. correct h/w from yesterday - Picture Introduction 6-1


We will go through the vocabulary.
Complete Exercise 1.

In small groups, you will be give 5-6 words, create a dialogue using these words. You each must speak. You will share your dialogues with the class.


6-2 Paranormal State.

After we watch the documentary, you will discuss these questions in your groups.

Have you ever been to see a fortune teller or psychic? If so, do you think it was worth the money?Do you believe in ghosts? What are they? Have you ever seen or felt one?
What numbers are lucky in your country? Unlucky? Do you have a lucky number? Unlucky?Do you know of any haunted places? Have you ever been to one of them?
What do you for good luck? Do you think it works?Have you (or anyone you know) ever had a dream that later came true?
What sign are you? Do you think your personality reflects this?Do you read your horoscope? If so, how seriously do you take it?
Do you believe in ESP? Can some people know what other people are thinking or feeling?Have you (or anyone you've heard of) ever had an out of body experience? Do you believe there are people who can see things hidden from view?
What do you know about Nostradamus? Do you think that some people can predict the future?Do you think that UFOs carry visitors from another planet?
How do people predict fortunes in your country? What do you think of these ways?Has anything ever happened to you that you cannot explain? What other things exist in the world that cannot be explained?

Good luck - Unit test 5

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Monday writing - part of test

Writing Part
Respond to this statement

*** All schools and universities should only use computers that are enabled with the internet instead of using pen and paper. ¨

You may want to consider these points:

- should children learn to write?
- Should all books be digitalized and the use of books to slowly diminish?
- Is writing an art that must be practiced and taught in schools?
- What the negative health benefits to using computers all day?
- Do you, as a student that uses a computer at school, enjoy the use of laptops at school or would you prefer some time for writing?
- Do you think that using the internet during class is too distracting (Facebook, Youtube, email etc...?)

Fill this space.


Monday, 24 October 2011

Present perfect ... a perfect tense :-)

Su Bin

I know a man. He is very kind so he isn’t angry to anybody. Sometimes, When he feels so bad,
he expresses his mood as indirect way. So, Some people can’t recognize his mood. His indirect anger is difficult to understand. Now, he has became as a president in our country for 3 years. His regime was established before 3 years ago and his leadership made good politic situation.

Sung Hee

Each person has their own aspect. Sometimes we can't understand, but we shouldn't be denounced.

Tsung Hua

The apartment manager want the people how live here to attendee the meeting.
Because someone leave the garbage in the hallway. He want to restrict the new rules.  


Is it possible to get banned from a state? Yes you can!  Mess up enough and they can throw you out of the state and tell you never to come back. I know someone who was thrown out of state and they are not kidding around about it.


Many parents are strongly critical of the school, but almost all times there children
have the fault. Sometimes you have to be less critical and see the reality of the things.
Being so critical could bring some really bad consequences, so if you are critical
be careful.

All the work we do is carefully censor by the school, sometimes I think they don't have to
be that strict. I think you have to censor important things that many people can see not
everything. I would like to censor all the movements of the government to see if it all legal.


Every company has basis to deal with it. If you want to buy stocks in any company you have to consent of the terms before you got the approval from  Board of Directors of the Company.


Since ex-CEO quite job from this company, the new and young CEO began reform rules of this company. He extreme biased who later to work and absence. He also passes a new rule in this company that is employee can’t use company’s telephone call someone who have no business with work. Although many employees think new CEO is too strict and they don’t like him, but the company situation is getting better.


A new small shop sells clothes at competitive prices in the village, so the boss of another big shop nearby will lose the market .But he wants to be win the market again and plans to  gamble everything on activity where people can buy things at a very low price.


- When I was studying in university, I have studied a different generations of many living organisms in one subject. One day, we had a practical test in laboratory, all of the students rallied in the next class. The teacher assistant was waiting for all students to start the exam.


I will reform my computer
my friends coming over my home i have to reform the living room
I will reform the car problem

i was the ideal student on my class .

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Monday October 24th 2011 (Test, General grammar review, Facebook documentary)

1. Test Unit 4

2. General grammar review

(Please remember - File > make a copy

Answer these questions.
You will find the answers in the documentary about Facebook.

> In how many languages is Facebook available?
> Facebook has the largest population after which 2 countries?
> What does 'to hack' mean?
> Where did Mark grow up?
> How many photos are uploaded to Facebook everyday?
> What does Facebook take really seriously?
> How many mobile devices use Facebook?

                                                                       The Internet

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Grammar 4-3


2. Please complete these two exercises

(1) Grammar > 4-3 > Obligation Discussions

(2) Grammar > 4-3 > Exercises > Number 2   .... NOT number one :-)

We are now going to watch a movie called " The King's Speech"
We complete an activity on Friday about this movie so pay attention. 

Jorge's essay

Hey guys

Today I read Jorge's essay which was a really good example of the type of essay I would like you to write.
If you are finding the essay difficult, read Jorge's for some idea..... (Don't actually copy it though!)

  • Describe the political situation in your country:

Essay : by Jorge Galvez

In Mexico the people have a lot of freedom to say what they do not like about the politicians, but the politicians do not care about it.
“Now it is a really bad situation in Mexico, but nobody does anything.”

Body Paragraph #1:
Last year almost twenty thousand people died because of the organized crime. Some of the most important cities in Mexico became dangerous, many people have to leave their cities. In these kind of cities all the people are afraid to go out of home because you never know what can happen when you are in a public place. Last month five men went inside a casino and burned it 50 people died. This is because now the organized crime order you to pay money for any company or establishment you have.
The police never do anything, they always came after the crime is done.

Body Paragraph #2:
Mexico has a very bad mode of judgement, actually last year a movie came out and the government try to censure it because in the movie you can see every detail of the mode of sentence we have. Many innocent people go to jail, without culpability. After this movie they change the mode of judgement they record all the process. If you do a crime sometimes you can pay money and they let you free, you can see this everywhere. The sentence they give sometimes is tough but we do not have death penalty.
This situation is because the government does not care about the people in charge of important jobs, there are many people without  capacity to do their jobs.

Body Paragraph #3:
The violence is growing every year many young people are joining the organized crime, this is because they are not opportunities to work. The violence in Mexico is giving a really bad reputation around the world and this is responsibility of the government because they never do anything, they wait for things to happen to react. The corruption is too much you can not even trust the police because they are involved with the  organized crime.
They have to clean all the posts in the government I know it is almost impossible and if the people do not help, the government can not do everything.

Mexico is living the worst time you can   not  live in peace because of the violence,many people are immigrating to other places to live in calm. Many students are leaving some of the most important universities in Mexico just because of the violence. All this situation is affecting the economy of the country and it is not fair for this beautiful country and the nice people who live in it. Hopefully some day the politicians and the people can change to fix this awesome country.

Essay for Wednesday

You have 2 choice.

You can either write and essay or make a presentation for the class. 


Prepare a 5 minute presentation based on the topic question:
"Describe the political situation in your country."
You will need to use as much vocabulary from unit 4, and many modal verbs. 

Sentences using vocabulary from Unit 4

Headquarters (n) - The headquarters of Walmart is located in Arkansas, U.S.A. 
Poverty (n) - In some parts of the world, people are living in extreme poverty.
Representative (n) - In a big company like Walmart, the representative, Sam Walton, in under a lot of pressure form other supermarkets. 
Finance (v) - In order to go to University and pay for all of my classes, I need to finance well. 
Issue (n) - My manager and I are having some issues at the moment, she expects too much of me. 
Spokesperson (n) - Zoe Saldana is the spokesperson for Avon products, she always has to say good things about the company. 


The scientists determine that we are living in the worst era.

The elections remain unclear nobody knows what is happening.

Finally the government gets funds to build the stadium.

Last month the police found 20 executed people.

Death penalty is the worst thing can happen.

Baby boomer generation reaches retirement age.

All the city is advocating violence.


The police must find the evidence from the scene of the crime.

The Inmate can not have a good life in prison.

Death row is given to the people who did a really serious crime. 

The police in my city they are so sloppy

The police should Investigate how to discover how did the crime. 

All the criminals  try to get rid of the evidence.

You must to sleep well to be vital.

Su Bin

1. Take place

Election for our class will take place every week.

2.  Campaign

They designed a good advertising campaign.

3. Candidate

I don’t support a candidate because the candidate was very rude before.

4. Political

A political magazine is difficult to understand.

5. Publicity

There has been a great deal of publicity surrounding the news.

6. Back

The main party back the opinion.

7. Policy

Several policy  ideas are on the table.


Communism: He determined to give his own life to the great cause of communism.

Party: if someone wants to be a politician that need join a big party.

Elect: people will elect someone to lead them

Vote: John is going to vote this liar that because he believes the liar said.

Process: This process ought to be highly sophisticated

Parliament: He had promised to stay at his post until parliament passed budget.

Impose: The country's interim government ordered a curfew but lacked the manpower to impose it.

Parole (n):
The criminal will be in a parole after one year.

Prosperous (adj)
The owner of that company is really prosperous.

Moral (n)(adj)
Employers must respect the moral issues of that company.

Strict (adj)
Some countries have a strict law about crimes.

Pass a law
The government passed

There are many barriers for immigrants in some countries.

Settle (v)
Finally, my friend’s family settled in New York last year


Democracy - When power is given to the people, the people vote for their leaders. 

Dictatorship - The dictatorship shouldn't be used on children. 

Governor - The governor is form high society - executive head of state.

Council - The council should think. 

Swap - I want to swap flats with Zach

Claim - My friend claim me some money for the rent. 

Devastating - The hurricane in New Orleans was devastating.  
Sung Hee

Effective - she knows effective teaching methods.

Commit - The boy was commited to the crime.

Opponent - There are opponents of the proposal on the street.

Justice - I have a sense of justice 

Innocent - That's an innocent lie. 

Guilty - He felt guilty about it

Shrink - Shrink from danger.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Unit 3 test

Canada quiz

1) Does Canada have states?
2) Which province was the last to join the Confederation of Canada? -
3) What is Canada's head of government called?
4) What is the capital city of British Columbia?
5) What country is Canada's neighbor?
6) How many official languages does Canada have?
7) What is Canada's official bilingual province?
8) What is the national animal of Canada?
9) What is Canada's official sport?
10) What is the capital city of Canada?
11) What is Canada's biggest city?

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Review for unit 3!

Good morning :-)

Please open this document and complete the review.

Happy studying
*** When you have completed the test, please write 150-200 words on one of the following topics.

1. My experience of a Canadian holiday/celebration/festivity.
2. Why do people celebrate Valentines day? Is it a waste of time or a special day that people should celebrate.
3. Curfews for teenagers are an important part of raising children.


Unit 4

Listening and Speaking (Prepositions)