Monday, 30 January 2012

Unit 5

 Homework correction
Send your sentences to the person to your right, make corrections in red, below the sentence. Share with me.

> Grammar - 5-1 Future tense
> Will exercises worksheet
> Exercises (Will / be going to)
> Open exercise and do as a speaking activity in pairs.

> Look at 'sleeve - appropriate' (Meaning / Form / pronunciation)
> Choose 2 pictures of either you, or 3 people from the interent. Write me 3 passages, describing the clothes that you/he/she is wearing. Complete sentences.

Song Gap Fill

Discussion questions


Weekend discussion... what did you do?

Online news, choose an article, and tell the class about it.

Unit 4 review - work in groups and complete all exercises

Quiz 4
Mark together

Sunday, 29 January 2012


Hey guys

I am not going to give you the vocabulary now. I will give you the list tomorrow and we are going to do an activity. There will not be a vocabulary section on the test.

Thanks :-)

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


Speaking 4-2

Check 4-1 #1
Do 4-4 #1

Speaking :-O  

Making Requests
(Making Requests and Offers)

Structure  4-2 #1

Group Play!!
In groups of 4, you are going to write a play.
You must have 4 characters
You must include modal verbs of request and offer.
This is the situation, you must write your play using this situation as a base.

"You are a family, you participated in a radio competition. You won, and your prize is a surprise vacation. You board the plane, but you have no idea where you are going..."

Vocabulary for unit 4

to gaze
to track
to anticipate 
to duplicate
to nod
to glance

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Reading (15 mins then teach 5 vocabulary words)     40

Review 4-1 #1,2                20

Modal verbs of permission               15

Check #1               10

Vocabulary (M/F/P) #1                  40
Structure 4-1, do exercises and write a similar passage to this one >              30

I saw a cat.  The cat was playing with an apple.  The apple was from a garbage can.  The garbage can was in front of a store.  The store was beside a library.  The library was old.

Modal Verbs of Permission


can't / cannot

could / couldn't
direct or indirect permission
  • Children can stay for free in that hotel.
  • You can smoke on the balcony.
  • I could go out late when I was 17.
no direct or indirect permission
  • I can't speak my native language in this school.
  • You couldn't do that in my high school.
may / may not*

*may / may not does not have a past form when meaning permission. Use could / couldn't in the past tense.
(formal or polite) direct permission
  • He may come if he wants.
  • May I smoke in a building in your country?  (A little strange because you are asking someone to give direct permission.)  (Can or be allowed to is better here.)
  • He could take food into the movie theatre last night.
(formal or polite) no direct permission
  • You may not use your cell phone here.
  • You may not drive on the right side of the road in Japan.  (Strange because this sounds like someone is not giving you direct permission.)  (Can't, cannot, or be not allowed to is better here.)
  • She couldn't use the computer in the staff room because she isn't a staff member.
be allowed to / be not allowed to

Other Expressions to Ask for Permission
Do / Would you mind if / Is it ok if...

I go?

he goes?

she goes?

we go?

they go?

direct or indirect permission
  • We are allowed to make noise until 11PM in my apartment.
  • They were allowed to use dictionaries during the test.
no direct or indirect permission
  • You are not allowed to park here on holidays.
  • I wasn't allowed to make a campfire because it was too dry.

Monday, 23 January 2012

1. Presentations 15

2. Books - 15 minutes of reading. When we finish, you will tell the class what you were reading about and you will teach 5 new vocabulary words. We will have a mini vocabulary test on Wednesday.

4. Give modal verb tables.
- Explanation of modal verbs *rules etc.
- Fill in the table.
- Respond to my questions.
- Gap fill
- Unscramble the words.
- English grammar book -Ex: 1, 2, 3

- Page 158 Ex 9
- Page 162 Ex 14

5. Play game

Monday - Quiz 23rd January

Sunday, 22 January 2012


- Sound of -ed
- Choosing between past simple, past continuous and past perfect
- Past passive

P.S We are going to do the money expression sentences in class so don't do it for homework.

Thank you

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Happy Thursday :-)
Video diaries - we are going to watch the video diaries and listen for uses of the past and make corrections.

Past simple/continuous/perfect

Practice of past perfect and simple past - I am going to give you a picture of a person and you must find some important dates and events. You are going to describe the person's life using past tenses in pairs.

Leanne was born in England. She had lived in England for 16 years when she moved to Canada. She studied Hispanic studies at the university of Victoria and was working at a supermarket called Thrifty Foods. Before she was a teacher at CCEL she had worked in Mexico City for one year .... bla bla bla


1. Princess Diana

2. Albert Eistein

3. Lady Gaga

4. Fidel Castro

5. Martin Luther King

6. Adolf HItler

To finish you are going to open the list of vocabulary that you took from your books. I have highlighted some words in yellow. These are the words that we will focus on today, looking at meaning, form and pronunciation. These words will appear on your unit 3 test on Monday 23rd.

Have a really nice day :-)

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Monday 16th of January

1. Intro - Turn to the person next to you, ask what they did this weekend and the report back to the class. 

2. Review - Review of past participles / gerunds and passive voice. 

Open the book that I sent you to your gmail accounts- turn to page 11

3. Practice one - passive form
    Practice two - passive sentences 

4. Writing - Write 2 sentences about your life for the following:

     Present continuous positive       Ex. I am reading the Hunger Games. 
     Present Continuous negative     Ex. I am not seeing my family this week. 
     Present Continuous question     Ex. Are you going crazy with work?

5. Unit 2 quiz
6. Peer mark unit 2 quiz


Thursday, 12 January 2012

Homework for Friday

Write 2 sentences for each of the mixed verbs (1 - Dynamic 2 - state)

To have
To see
To look
To smell
To taste
To think
*To feel

To feel -
1. a physical feeling to you. = "The massage feels really good." (state)
2. Your well-being  = "I am feeling really sick today." (dynamic)

14 sentences in total.
Please share with me before 8.30am.

p.s Email me if you need any help.
p.p.s Finishing your essay at home is optional, if you want to do it you can. If not, we will finish them in class tomorrow.

Thank you
I hope you all have a nice evening.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


o myself, "Yes this is my dream house, My dream house." 

Homework for Thursday

Housing > Structure > 2-5 "Correct a paragraph"
Share with me when you finish.

Thank you

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Wednesday 11th

1. Mini presentations

2. Grammar 2-2 Present Continuous

3. Exercises from online book page - 18

4. Online exercises

5. More practice :-)

Dictation/ meaning / Writing.

My dream house
Listening - 2-2

Go to
In Vancouver, find you dream home
You will share this with the class.
Explain why you this is your dream home.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Good morning everyone!


Spontaneous questions and answers.

In pairs, you are going to choose one of the following situations. You will ask as many questions as possible in a few minutes. Your partner must give an answer.
Take turns asking questions.

*Remember - You use auxiliary verb ‘do’ when you are asking for information.
If you are asking for the subject, do not use ‘do’

Mall information Desk
A - What time does the mall close at?
B - The mall closes at 8pm.

mall information desk
airline information
ticket booth
bus information
college information line
hospital information desk
local tourist attraction

Mini Quiz

Spelling and mini 

Have and have got. 
Check homework - 1-3



  • Are you a member of a health spa or gym?
  • Are you afraid of needles?
  • Are you healthy?
  • Are your parents healthy?
  • Do think that you need to lose weight?
  • Do you always eat healthy food?
  • Do you bruise easily?
  • Do you catch a cold more than once a year?
  • Do you consider alcohol a drug?
  • Do you drink a lot?
  • Do you eat a lot of vegetables?
  • Do you eat lots of fruit?
  • Do you eat vegetables every day?
  • Do you ever get headaches?
    • Do you know anyone who suffers from migraine headaches?
  • Do you ever read magazines or news articles about health? If yes, what subject(s) do you find the most interesting?
  • Do you exercise?
    • What kind of exercise do you do?
    • How often do you exercise?
  • Do you go for regular medical check-ups?
  • Do you go to the dentist's twice a year?
  • Do you have a lot of stress?
  • Do you normally go one doctor in particular or any available doctor?
  • Do you have any allergies?
  • Do you have any scars?
  • Do you often eat fast food?
  • Do you smoke?
    • If so, do you smoke more than two cigarettes a day?
    • Do you think smoking is not bad for your health?
  • Do you take medicine when you are sick?
  • Do you take vitamins or mineral supplements?
  • Do you think pets are good for a person's health
  • Do you think that the tobacco companies should be held reasonably responsible for a person's addiction to nicotine?
  • Do you think you are overweight?
  • Do you think you will live until a ripe old age? Why or why not?
  • Do you think you would be a good surgeon? Why or why not?
  • Do you use an alarm clock to wake up?
  • Do you usually get enough sleep?
  • Do you watch your weight? What foods do you think are healthy?
  • Have you ever been hospitalized?
    • (Have you ever been in the hospital?)
  • Have you ever been to an acupuncturist? What do you think of acupuncture?
  • Have you ever broken a bone?
  • Have you ever burned yourself with hot water?
  • Have you ever donated blood?
  • Have you ever gotten a black eye?
  • Have you ever had braces on your teeth?
  • Have you ever had stitches?
  • Have you ever sprained your ankle?
  • Have you ever taken a sleeping pill to get to sleep?
  • How can you reduce stress in your life?
  • How have you been feeling lately?
  • How many hours of sleep do you get a night?

LATE!! sorry every one

Home economics
Whole grain
To skate
a work-out

Words for the spelling quiz tomorrow!
I will read the word and then you will spell it.
I will give you 3 possible meaning for each and you must choose one.

Thank you

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wednesday 4th 2011

Document for the day 

A day in the life 


Read notes for grammar 1-3
Do exercise #1 (Under Grammar 1-3 notes)

Learn the words on the board, spelling and meaning - mini quiz tomorrow (Thursday)


Happy New Year!                
Discuss or debate the questions below.  Remember to support your answers!

1-Do you make New Year's resolutions? If yes, what have you promised in the past?
2-Do you make New Year's resolutions? If yes, what was the strangest, stupidest, and/or
funniest promise you have made?
3-Do you usually look at the upcoming year with optimism or pessimism? Please explain.
4-Will next year be better or worse than this year? Why do you think so?
5-Do you have any regrets or unfilled resolutions from this past year? If yes, please explain.

Unusual traditions for new years. 

Unit 4

Listening and Speaking (Prepositions)