Thursday, 17 May 2012

Vocabulary unit 7

musicianA person that plays music or an instrument.  
recordBefore a CD
albumA collection of songs a CD
instrumentAn object that makes sound.
guitarStrum a guitar.
drumsThe drums is an instrument that you hit with sticks.
pianoYou play the piano.
The piano has keys.
violinYou play the violin with a bow.
disciplineRule of collective life.
Self control.
A police can give discipline.
behaviourThe things that a person does or the way that they act.
tutorA private teacher.
lessonA class / subject.
diaperSomething that a baby wears  before they can use the bathroom.
recitalLike a concert /
stageA high level, where musicians and actors perform.
The Sound Of MusicA very famous movie.
NaziGerman soldiers, persecution of the Jews.
A big party. You watch live music.

grow up
Children grow up and become adults.
I grew up in England.
practiceDo something to improve your skills.
come / go over“Come over to my house for dinner / lunch”
I am going over to my friend’s house.
carryI carry my laptop to school.
escaperun away.
Singers and actors perform.
Sing or act for other people.

great! cool! wonderful! excellent!
individuala person, alone or single. Just me, one person.
Something not public.
Only for some people, not for everyone.

I definitely will do my homework.
absolutelyThey absolutely loved the movie.
basicallyI basically spent all of my money.
overseasI live overseas. 
liveWe went to see a live band at the pub. 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Students May 1st

Leanne - England (Teacher)
Akari - Japan
Abdulhadi - Saudi Arabia
Riyad - Saudi Arabia
Abdulelah - Saudi Arabia
Naif - Saudi Arabia
Layla - Saudi Arabia
Lucio - Brazil
Daniel - Taiwan
Arisa - Japan
Da Hye - Korea
Miyuki - Japan
Mami - Japan
Risa - Japan
Andy - Japan 
Abdulelah - Saudi Arabia

Unit 4

Listening and Speaking (Prepositions)