Monday, 24 March 2014

Unit 4:1

Speaking 4-1
Count and Non-count nouns
Introduction to C + NC nouns (Matching)
Food exercise 
Much and Many Speaking 4-3
Vocabulary (verb focus)

Shopping List challenge


Practice 1 (Do not share to me)
Write 5 sentences for (notice, spend, browse, fit, try on) - You can use any tense that you like. 
(Share to me)

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Unit 3 Quiz

Check Azar homework (Page: 37 & 41 / Practice 27 & 30) 15 min
Preposition Review 15 min
Quiz 31hr
Presentations 30 min
Unit 4 Vocabulary (Study in groups / As a class)
Vocabulary Exercise
Speaking 4:1

Pm1 Class
Auxiliary Verbs, Stress and Heteronyms.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Homework for Monday 24th of March

1. Azar book (Practice 27 and  30 - Page 37 and Page 41) 
2. Quiz Study for the quiz on Monday (Present simple and continuous / Past Simple and continuous / Vocabulary) 
3. Presentation or Essay 
Essay - 250 words, use a Google document
Presentation - 2 minutes, use a Google presentation

Topic - Talk about a famous dead person from your country. 
Example; Cleopatra, Hernan Cortez, Amy Winehouse, Kim Dae-Jung...
Share to me by Monday morning, 8:30am.

Extra Activity > Correct the mistakes in the paragraphs 
Extra Review for Past Simple, Past Continuous, scared & scary. 

Have a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Unit 2:2

Listening - Ghosts
Homework Activity  
Did you...?
Past Continuous
Extra practice 1
Extra practice 2

Past Continuous speaking
A strange object in the sky


Finish your 10 sentences from the "The Golden Gun" Reading. 
10 verbs from the text, 10 sentences, use a mixture of Past Simple and Past Continuous. 

P.C - The rabbit was thumping his foot on the ground.
P.S - He whispered into my ear.
P.C + P.C - The baby was pulling my hair while I was feeding him.
P.C + P.S - He was breathing very heavily after he finished the race.
P.S P.S - Before I went to bed, I switched off my light and closed my eyes.


Complete all exercises

Extra practice:

Thank you for listening to me at the end of class, I hope you understand what I mean. I am not angry at any of you, I think you are a lovely class and I am very happy to teach you. I just want you all to have a positive and motivating atmosphere in the class, but everyone, including me, needs to participate and help create a nice learning environment. I am passionate about teaching you English and I hope you are passionate about learning too. 
Have a great day. :-D


Monday, 17 March 2014

Unit 3:1

Fears and Phobias!
Irregular Past 
Introduction to Past Simple 
Speaking 3-3


Complete all of the exercises (You don't need to share this to me)

Read Reading #2 (The Golden Gun) - 
Underline all verbs in past simple and highlight all new vocabulary. (Share to 

If you have any questions, add me on Facebook 


Preposition race game
Student A
Student B
30 Day Challenge 

Saturday, 15 March 2014


1. Unit 2 and 3
From the document.

2. Essay or presentation
Choose one

Essay - 250 words, use a google document
Presentation - 2 minutes, use a google presentation

Topic - Free
Choose any topic that interests you.
Example: hockey, fashion, horses, beer, dogs.... Anything

Send everything to me by Monday 17th

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Unit 2

Check homework
Grammar: State Vs Dynamic
Stative and Dynamic verb Quiz
Speaking 2-3
Busy Picture
Reading 2:1
Writing 2-2
Present Continuous 

Write a paragraph, 8-10 lines, use 8-10 State verbs from the list, free topic. 
Share to my email by 12:00 am - tonight. 


Monday, 10 March 2014

Unit 2:1

Present Simple Vs Present Continuous
Azar Grammar
Listening 2-2
Speaking 2-2
Verbs + Sentences


1. Write the part of speech (Noun, V, Adj or Adv) for each of the words.

2. Complete Practice 22 and 23 from this document. Write your answers in a Google Document or in your notebook. If you have a problem opening the document, please send me an email

Sunday, 9 March 2014


Modals verbs of Obligation

Quiz 1

Check homework
Exercise (When you finish the quiz)
Describing people


Finish the 2 paragraphs describing family members.
The document is in your Drive "Copy of Describing People."
Share to: 

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Unit 1:4

Speaking 1:2
20 Questions
Present Simple verbs
Day in the life
When to tie the knot 


1. Presentation or Essay (Due - Monday 10th of March)

Free topic - Something that interests you. 

A. Write a paragraph of 200 words.   (Use a Google Document). Example
B. Make a short presentation. You will present to the class on Monday. (Use a Google Presentation) Example

3. Exercise 2 and 3 from 'When to Tie the Knot' reading.

4. Study for Unit 1 Quiz on Monday. (Parts of speech, Pronouns, Present Simple, Vocabulary)

Homework - March 6th 2014



Good, better, the best!
Hand in my pocket 
Expressions and vocabulary from the song. 

Unit 4

Listening and Speaking (Prepositions)