Friday, 30 May 2014


Student A
Student B 
Describing People 
Grammar Review 1-4
3 Nouns 


Person #1 brother

- rude

My brother is rude because he never says please and thank you.

- snobby

Person #2 best friend

- funny

- crazy

2. On Monday we have Quiz- Unit 1
Study all grammar and Vocabulary

- parts of speech (N, V, Adj, Adv)
- pronouns (i, my, mine, you, your , yours ....)
- Present Simple ( + - ?)
- Vocabulary 

3. Please send me your notes from the listening

Sunday, 25 May 2014


1. Study for unit 12 Quiz

2. Presentation or Essay

Essay - 150 words
Presentation 2 minutes

Topic - My favourite athlete

Use a Google Document or Google Presentation (In Drive, under Create)

Thursday, 22 May 2014



1. Unit 9-12 Review

2: Now, write 10 sentences with each time expression using present perfect simple and present perfect continuous.

I have tried Brazilian food.
Use 2



Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Speaking 12-1
Present Perfect Simple Practice
A 5-year-old bungee Jumper
Present Perfect Continuous
Make your own Questions (How long...)
State and Dynamic Verbs  + Paragraphs
Listening 12-2
Tense Review


Ex 2, Questions 8-19 (The document is in your Drive called "Copy of Present Perfect Practice)
Read about verbs : Be, have, see, taste and think.
Complete C and D 


Sentences with NEW verbs! Pm1 Class

I want to hug you right now.
After running, I gulped some water.
I heard people whispering about her.
My teacher said,’Stop fidgeting!’.
Ms.Leanne instructs our class in English.

A ball is passed by player.
I want to jog every morning. but I don’t have time.
He whispers to me.
I hit the ball so I writhed on the ground.
Jinhee always giggles. When she giggles, it makes me happy.

1. when I drink water i slurp
2. I like to do exclaim.
3.When I know my friend is liar, I snigger.
4. When I express, I twist.

5. I like  to wander on the beach.

I was jogging and wandering in stanley park with my friend yesterday. She talked about her boyfriend and she giggled. At that moment, her boyfriend passed with a girl. I saw that and I whispered to my friend. She was angry and exclaimed to her boyfriend. “What are you doing?” and she clipped her boyfriend's ear. But her boyfriend clutched my friend’s arm and told her to calm down. “She is just my sister”

Today, I fought with my co worker, because she instructed me ON everything THAT I did. I was irritated, so after I finished working, I went to a bar and sipped two glasses of wine. I was drunk. Anyway, when i was walking to my house. I was trudging because it was raining and I was so tired. Suddenly, someone was chuckling and grasping my wrist. I was surprised. But he was my old brother. He was worried about me, so he was waiting for me in front of my house. I was little thankful to him, but i don’t like to be surprised.


Thursday, 15 May 2014

Unit 11:2

  1. Speaking
  2. Examples of Modals and Passive ( + check homework)
  3. Passive with modals 
  4. Rules of the road
  5. Would you rather?
  6. Speaking 11-5
  7. Time capsule
  8. Vocabulary Game 

1) Make a Presentation or Essay. 
Topic: 5 Items in my Time Capsule. 
Presentation - Minimum 2 minutes
Essay - Minimum 150 words. 

You will present your presentation or Read your Essay on Tuesday morning. 

Share to

2) Quiz - We will not have a quiz on Tuesday. 
Here is the quiz, if you want, you can complete the quiz on the weekend, and I will check it for you. This quiz homework is only optional. You don't have to do it. 


Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Unit 11:2


Three guesses

This is a guessing game. Prepare three clues about a person or thing – include at least one passive in the clues.
e.g. for a person
  • I was born in Australia.
  • I worked with wild animals all my life.
  • I was killed by a stingray in 2006.
    (answer: Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter)
What do you think?

1. Read your story.
Write down all of the Passive sentences.
Answer the questions

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Unit 11:2

Polite questions Pm1 Class

Leanne and Ahmed

Leanne: Hello sir, how are you?
Johnny: Well, thank you.
Leanne: Could you tell me what time you arrived?
Johnny: I arrived about 2 hours ago.
Leanne: Oh, that’s nice.
Johnny: Yes, the flight was quite good.
Leanne: Have you any idea if the food on the plane was
Johnny: How should I know?
Leanne: Well, you flew in a private jet so I thought you might know.
Johnny: No, I don’t sorry. Have you any idea what time  it is?
Leanne: Yes, it’s 2.40
Johnny: Okay, I have to go sorry.
Leanne: Oh… ok … bye

Jin Hee, Haengyo and Ayane

A : Could you tell me what time it is?
B : It’s 2:20.
C : Have you any idea if you are leaving now?
A : yes. I have to go to a clinic.
B : Could you tell me what time you have an appointment?
A : I have an appointment at 3 p.m.
C : Oh,  I see. I think you should go now. bye, see you. take care.

Rodrigo, Aro and Momoe.

In China airport

1-I am lost. I don’t know my gate.
Could you tell me where the gate #7 is?
2-Yes, I’m going to same gate. follow me
Would you mind telling me where you are from?
1- I’m from Canada
2- Me too . Could you tell me why you visited China?
3-I spent my holiday. And you?
1- for business

Jimin, Ahmed and Natsuko

Natsuko : Hi, Jimin. Could you tell me what time it is?
Jimin: Hi, Natsuko! I don’t know what time it is… sorry…
Ahmed: Hey girls, I know. It’s 20 to 3.
Natsuko: Oh, thank you… I am so sorry, could you tell me what your name is?
Ahmed: My name is Ahmed.
Jimin: Oh, Ahmed. Do you know what time class finishes?
Ahmed: It’s 2:40...

Irina and Megumi

Hello Megumi! How are you?
I’m ok, thank you.
Could you tell me how to get to the airport?
Yes,you have to go by skytrain.
Could you tell me which station I have to go to
and which station I need  to get off at?
Thank you!

Ada, Artyem and Bander

A: Could you tell me what you did yesterday?
B:I had dinner with my friends in a famous japanese restaurant .
C:That’s wonderful. I like japanese food.
  Could you tell me what kinds of food you ordered.
B:I ate fresh fish and sushi.They are my favourite.
A:Could you tell me when you returned home yesterday,Bander?
C:I returned home at 2 o’clock pm.
A:Wooh,Could you tell me why you returned home so early?
C:I ate my dinner ,because I didn’t have lunch yesterday.
B: That is good.


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Unit 10:3 Continued + Review


1. Study for your Unit 10 Quiz
2. Presentation (2 minutes OR essay (150 words)
Topic: A story in the news

A Thousand years
Speaking 10:2
Read paragraphs (If I had a million dollars...)
Imaginary Love Story 
Laura in the City 
News Stories
A story

  • Find an interesting story that is happening in the world
  • Read and understand it
  • Write the story again in bullet points (most important information)
  • Present in small groups


Unit 4

Listening and Speaking (Prepositions)