Thursday, 26 June 2014

Unit 5 Review

Speaking 5-5 (Future Review)

Speaking 5-8 (Comparison)
Superlative Adjective Speaking
Superlative Amazing Facts
Class Quiz

Answers to listening + ADVERBS 

1. Finish your essays (Sunday) 
2. Study for unit 5 Quiz (Grammar and Vocabulary) (Monday) 
3. Some / Any / No - Read the notes and complete the exercise (Monday) 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Unit 5:3 and 5:4

Peer Correction 
Adjectives and Adverbs 

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives 
Speaking with Superlatives 

Adjective Taboo 
Some Any No


Page 392 - Ex 3.2
Vocabulary Quizlet


Flags of the World (Countries and languages) 
The Worst Bedtime Story Ever!
Giving Advice 'Dear Abby'

Unit 5:2

Check Homework
Speaking 5-1
Writing: How important is fashion and style in your life

Make your own predictions
Listening 5-2

Fashion Through the Decades

Writing Example:

Is Fashion Important in my life

To be honest, actually fashion is not so important for me and it is not a theme that I like to discuss.
Usually I like comfortable and normal clothes. I prefer to use plain shirts, jeans and shoes in day-to-day. I think that jeans and t-shirts will always be in style, but I don’t like tights pants.

Of course, when I go to specials events, like weddings, I dress up and use more formal and appropriate clothes like suits. People in my country normally go to parties using casual clothes. In the last years, Brazilian designers are creating one own style that is interesting, but like in other countries, normal people won’t wear many of these fashion clothes because they are inappropriate for use in the street.

I note differences between Canadian and Brazilian fashion. Considering the season and gender as criteria, in the summer Brazilian women use bikinis smaller than Canadian women on the beach. Men, basically, use similar clothes, like T-shirts, shorts and sandals. Still, Brazilian men style is not as formal as Canadian’s style.

Friday, 20 June 2014


Presentation - 3-5 minutes
Essay - 200-350 words 

Topic: Any topic associated with Literature
:a book 
:an author
:a poem 

Share to
Presentations are on Monday :-)
I hope you do a presentation, but if you want to practice writing more than speaking, do an essay

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Unit 4:2

  1. Speaking: Literature!
  2. Check Homework 
  3. Student One and Student Two (Modals of Obligation and Advice 4-1)
  4. Rules (Modals of Obligation and Prohibition 4-1)
  5. Modal Verbs of Permission
  6. Speaking (Modals of Permission 4-2) 
  7. Modal verbs Review
  8. Finish Conversation (Speaking 4:2)
  9. Ernest Hemingway 

Answer the 5 Vocabulary Questions in the Ernest Heminway


Write the Question!
Finish Future
Fears and Phobias 

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Unit 3:4

Listening 3-3
Mixed Past Speaking Questions 
Check Homework #1
Past Perfect Review
Page 55
Past Passive 
Practice 1
Making potato Chips
Passive Game


1. Study for Unit 3 Quiz
2. Essay or presentation 
Presentation - 3-4 minutes
Essay - 300 words (minimum) 
Topic - A natural Disaster in my country or my continent. 
Use a Google Presentation. 

3. Page 3
4. Bring a Newspaper

1. Abigail - Yellow Dust Disaster 
2. Daywauy - 1999 Natural Disaster in Venezuela 
3. Josh. 
4. Ji Young 
5. Faisal 
6. Natusuko
7. Faris
8. Gyeongji 


Unit 2:3

Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Choose Game
Superlatives in Conversation
Fix the mistakes - listening 
Flo Joe exercises
Irregulars - Conversation 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Unit 2: Quiz

Quiz 2
Participle Adjectives
Tongue Twisters 


1 - Open your paragraph (Present Continuous in the Real World)
Look at my comments
Rewrite the paragraph again perfectly
Share to Leanne

2 - Finish the participle Adjectives Document (12 Questions)
b. Choose 5 and write 5 sentences.
Send to Leanne 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Unit 2-3

Outside Present Continuous Activity
Speaking and Writing
Mr. Bean
Check Homework (Listening)
Speaking 2-3
State and Dynamic Verb Quiz
Vocabulary Game
Tongue Twisters


1. Study for Unit 2 Quiz on Monday
- Present Simple
- Present Continuous
- State and Dynamic Verb s
- Vocabulary 

2. Essay or Presentation (Monday)

Essay - 250 words
Presentation - 2 minutes


Your Song 
Past Continuous 

Unit 1:3

Busy Picture
Check Homework + unit 4
State and Dynamic Verb Quiz 
Find Someone Who...
Adjectives and Verbs Unit 1
Adverbs of frequency 
Listening 1-1

Monday, 2 June 2014

Unit 2:2

Good morning! To all new students - Nice to meet and welcome to my English class. 
My name is Leanne ( Li - an ) - easy right? :-D


Check homework 
Everyday Dialogues
Tim's Day
Introduction to Present Continuous 
Listening 2-2
Speaking 2-1


1. Write a text about a city in your country and write 10 checking questions. 

Where to write
Open > Me/My classes > Drive > Create > Document > Do homework > Share >

If you have any problems, please message me. 

Facebook: Leanne Rose

2. Listening - 2-2 - Listen and complete the dialogue


Sunday, 1 June 2014

Unit 1 Quiz

Quiz + Correction
Exercise (When you finish the quiz)
Who Am I? (Smrt 120 - 1:3)
Present Simple Extras
Tim's Day
Our Daily Lives (Speaking 2-1) ]


Finish all the exercises 

Unit 4

Listening and Speaking (Prepositions)