Thursday, 30 October 2014

Unit 10:3

Jack the Ripper
Check Homework
Tense + Question Tag Activity 
Phrasal Verbs Intro
Speaking 11-9 (As a class)

1) Study for Unit 11 Quiz 
- Indirect Questions 
- Question Tags 
- Phrasal verbs (get rid of / get through to / get off lightly / get out of / get away with / get up to / get on with / get over /  get wound up / get at )
- Unit 11 vocabulary + Vocabulary from Jack the Ripper

2) Essay OR Presentation 
300 words 
3-5 minutes

Topic: Celebrities OR Any topic you like 


Sunday, 26 October 2014


1) Study for Unit 10 quiz
2) Presentation OR Essay

Essay - 300 words
Presentation - 3/5 minutes.
Topic: Travel

3) Exercise 2 and 3 (Grammar 10:3)

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Unit 10:2

Global News Listening 
Check Quizzes
Check Homework 
Modal Verbs Review 
Past Modals or Probability 
Last year I traveled to Greece. I was waiting for my suitcases in the baggage area for so long that I thought they had lost my suitcases. A tour guide picked me up but he was 20 minutes late! I was backpacking though Greece, so I stayed at cheap hotels, which has a lot of disadvantages because often they are dirty and not safe. When I departed form Greece, the take off was horrible because there was a storm outside and the turbulence was really strong. I went to my travel agent to complain, but she didn't provide any help. What a terrible trip!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Unit Quiz

Finish Jeopardy
Vocabulary 2b
Speaking 9:4
Reading 9:1
Smrt Cafe Stories

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Unit 9:3

Vocabulary Unit 9
Extreme Weather: Student A / Student B
Check Homework 
1st Conditional Game
Grammar 9:3 (As a Speaking)
2nd Conditional Jeopardy
Write your own conversation Questions


1. Study for Unit 9 Quiz (You will do the quiz together on Monday)
2. Essay OR Google Slide Show
Topic: Anything related to the Weather.
Essay - 300 words
Slide Show - 3 Minutes


Unit 9:2

Vocabulary Quiz
Weird... or just different?
Check Homework - Last 2 exercises 

Unit 9 Vocabulary 
2nd Conditional
Student A
Student B
2nd Conditional Practice

1. Page 4, 6, and (8) (Due Friday) 
2. Write 6 Sentences OR 1 paragraph using the 6 words (By Sunday) 
assume, presume, obvious, brilliant, realize, opposite

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Unit 7 Quiz

Speaking 7-2
Phrasal Verbs: Put / Take + Conversations
Slumdog Millionaire - Reading and Comprehension Questions


Answer questions to Slumdog Millionaire 
Write sentences for the new words in the document. 


1. Study for Quiz 7
2. Presentation OR Essay - Topic: Art / Music
Presentation 3-5 minutes
Essay 300 words

Unit 4

Listening and Speaking (Prepositions)