Thursday, 19 May 2016

Unit 6:3

Warm-up Activity
Athlete Interviews 6:1
Vocabulary: Verbs
Rephrase My sentence Student 1 - Student 2

Finish your sentences for unit 6 vocabulary in the shared document 
Ex: 2 

115/120 L&S

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Correct Listening Quiz + Homework
Speaking 6:2
Sentence Fragments 6:1
Super, Natural British Columbia 
Vocabulary 6:1
Sport Conversation Questions 

Write 10 sentences with Objects of Verbs 
Also, finish your Fragment sentences from class. Send to me :-)

ADVERB INTENSIFIERS from Elective 1 (Listening and Speaking 115/120)

S  :I so like McDonald's
G  :I kind of like it because it’s not healthy.
O  :I absolutely agree with you, If you eat hamburgers too much, you will literally die early.
S  :What do you eat instead of fast food ?
G  :I really like salad because it's good for my body.
S  :But I think salad is not tasty.
O  :You can put sauce and chicken on it  to make it delicious
S  :Really?? I will try it.

This weekend where are we going on Victoria Day?
I absolutely want to go out for a drink
Really? Drinking is not good for your health for sure.
Drinking is simply my life, I completely can’t give up drinking

The last time you went for a drink, you almost died.
I will die soon, for sure. Let’s get crazy!!
I kind of care about my health. I know how to relieve a hangover. I’ll tell you. Let’s go together

STUDENT A - I really like cooking.
STUDENT B - I kind of like it, but I don’t want to do it everyday
STUDENT C - I absolutely like cooking in my house, because eating in a restaurant is so expensive.
STUDENT D - I really don’t like cooking, because I don’t know how to cook.
STUDENT A - How about washing dishes?
STUDENT B - I sort of feel good when I wash dishes.
STUDENT C - I don’t have problems to wash, I usually wash dishes in my home.
STUDENT D - Sometimes I wash dishes to help my sister.
STUDENT C - OK guys, so I’ll cook and you wash the dishes.

Unit 6:1

115/120 Listening & Speaking

TIP Review
Finish Tipping
Adverb Intensifiers 

Monday, 16 May 2016

Unit 5:3

Future Speaking Practice - Student A / Student B
Warm-up Speaking: Practice of all future tenses
Exercise 1 and 2
More Comparatives
Listening Exercises to practices Comparatives and Superlatives 

Page 4 (The Superlative Form of Adjectives)
You can write your answers on paper OR in a google document. 

115/120 L&S

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

115/120 Listening & Speaking

Unit 4:2

In spite of / Despite / Despite the fact that / Although / Even though
Speaking 4:5
Check Homework 
Advice & Suggestions 
A very Famous Author 
4:1 and 4:2

1) Ex 3 & 4 
2) Listening - Finish the listening (Here is the video
3) SPEAKING TEST: you can find the questions for the SPEAKING TEST here
We are going to do the tests on Thursday and Friday. You can choose which day (EMAIL me the day that you prefer).
If you prefer to make a video, you can. The instructions are next to the questions.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

115/120 Listening & Speaking

Listening 3
Gerunds & Infinitives - Student A / Student B
Class conversation

Unit 4:1

Warm-up Questions 
Unit 4 Vocabulary 
Grammar 4:1 - Modal verbs of obligation 
Speaking 4:5
Listening: Just a Novel 
Writing: 4:3 - Should children read? 

Listening 4:3 Ex 1
Grammar 4:1 Ex 1

Unit 4

Listening and Speaking (Prepositions)