Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Thursday - Last day of review

Happy Thursday! 

1- Finish picture explanations. 5-10
2 - Speaking topics - 25
3 - "Leaning a Language after 40."
+ Questions 25
4 - Parts of speech 

Monday, 26 March 2012

Tuesday 26th of March

Procedure: Model the task by writing three answers to questions about yourself on the board. Tell students that they will play a game to guess the correct question for each answer. For example:
    Lasagna Blue Baseball
Have students suggest possible questions for each word on the board. For example, for Lasagna, students might guess "What's your favorite food?" or "What do you like to cook?" For Blue, students may guess "What's your favorite color?" or "What color is your car?" For Baseball, questions could include "What's your least favorite sport?" or "What sport do the New York Yankees play?"

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Thursday, 22 March 2012


David Beckham reading

Mini vocabulary quiz

Speaking - Topics + speak for 2 minutes.


Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Thursday 22nd of March

Continue with the vocabulary M/F/P
Vocabulary exercise #1

Check homework :-)

Soccer practice

David Beckham

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Work for Wednesday

Wednesday 21st

Conversation questions

1. Present Perfect practice

2. Write about your personal experiences and read to the class.

3. How long picture sentences

4. Vocabulary - discussion of meaning, form and pronunciations.
Exercise 1

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Monday 19th of March

Speaking - What did you do this weekend?

Review of structures + 10 minute vocabulary review.

Quiz 11
+ correction

Giza work

Magazine / Newspaper work - Read for 10 minutes, find 5 new vocabulary words. Look for the meaning and then teach in small groups.
In a group of 3, you will have a total of 15 words, choose 8 and write a small dialogue using those words, read and perform to the class.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

<a href="">PRESENT PERFECT or SIMPLE PAST?</a>, by Carlos Reis<br>Find this and other <a href=" tenses">verb tenses exercises</a> in <a href="">English Exercises .org</a>


Sarah´s passive sheet

Fred Meyers has had excellent profits this quarter.
The class's understanding has increased greatly this semester.
Have they finished the report yet?
Giving or asking for news or recent events.
The study of irregular verbs has improved test scores.
They have bought a new car.
I've already eaten lunch.
US/English exception: It is also accepted in US English to ask "Did you phone her yet?" as opposed to the more common "Have you phoned her yet?"
Past actions with results in the present.
She's traveled in many parts of the world.
Have you ever been to France?
They've never seen a mountain.
Life experience
He's lived in San Francisco for 10 years.
How long have you worked for this company?
They've studied English for 3 years.
She hasn't traveled abroad.
Unfinished actions (action still in progress). In this respect the present perfect and present perfect continuous are very similar. See contrastwith Present Perfect Continuous
Common present perfect time expressions include:for (with a period of time), since (with an exact point in time), ever, never, yet, already, this week (month, year)

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Thursday 15th of March!


Boggles - Flashcards

Exercise one
Exercise two

Grammar --- After the break

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Homework - Tuesday

at the back of : my bag at the back of the car

at the bottom of:  my room at the bottom of home

at the top of: my computer at the top of treasury

behind  the book behind the tible

between Distance between school and home far

in the corner of: the ball in the corner of filed

in the middle of: start play football in the middle of filed

next to: my car next to shopping center

to the left of: the library to the left of street

on the other side of: the bus stop on the other side of street

to the right of Canada to the right of pacific ocean

on the side of traffic signal on the side of street

on top of Canada on top of u.s.a

opposite smooth opposite rugh the back of
There are a shadow at the  back of  me. the bottom of
There are magma at the bottom of ground. the top of
I want to climb at the top of the mountain.

There are effort behind smile.

My house is between tree and neighbor ‘s house. the corner of
A garbage in the corner of the my room. the middle of
Mt.Fuji is in the middle of japan. to
Canada is next to U.S.A. the left of
A bus stop is to the left of the road.

10.on the other side of
Happiness is on the other side of  sorrow. the right of
A mirror is to he right of the door.

12.on the side of
There are many flowers on the side of the road.

13.on top of
There are snow on top of  the mountain.

My idea is opposite him.

at the back of
Leanne was at the back of me at all times.

at the bottom of
At the bottom of see is filled with soil.

at the top of

Shoes are at the top of the desk.

wardrobe is behind computer desk in my room.


What’s the difference between imagine and wish?

in the corner of
Trash basket is in the corner of road.

in the middle of
Korea is in the middle of world.

next to
CCEL is next to Hermes.

to the left of
Shoppers is to the left of Safe way.

on the other side of
Starbucks is on the other side of RBC.

to the right of
North Vancouver is to the right of West Vancouver.

on the side of
A man is on the side of the building.

on top of
West Vancouver is on top of Vancouver's downtown.

<at the back of>
There’s a tree at the back of the house.

<at the bottom of>
A cat is at the bottom of the table.

<at the top of>
I stay at the top of the mountain.

A boy was behind his mother.

The table is between the TV and the sofa.

<in the corner of>
There’s flowers in the corner of the garden.

<in the middle of>
The party is held in the middle of April.

<next to>
I’m staying next to him.

<to the left of>
The bus stopped to the left of me.

<on the other side of>
I want to go on the other side of the bridge.

<to the right of>
He is standing  to the right of me.

<on the side of>
I drink coffee on the side of my job.

<on top of>
Snow covers on top of the mountain.

I live in opposite the river.

at the back of
When I looked at the mirror, there was reflected at the back of me in mirror.

at the bottom of
There are a lot of tents at the bottom of the mountain.

at the top of
I saw the flag at the top of a castle.

“Look at this picture, the girl behind me is my sister.”

The earth is between the Venus and the Mars.

in the corner of
The train was crowded,so I stood in the corner of the vehicle.

in the middle of
That shop is in the middle of the town.

next to
I go downstairs, and I sit down next to mother.

to the left of
I walk to the left of the building.

on the other side of
On the other side of river is small town.

to the right of
She goes to the right of the street.

on the side of

on the top of
She is on the top of me.

This house build opposite to

Leanne always is at the back of me when I take  am class.
The jam is at the bottom of a bottle .
The flower was displayed at the top of the shelf.
I have the garden behind the house.
Canada is between USA.
A stove is  in the corner of a room.
I walk down in the middle of the street.
Hyo-mi sits next to me.
Korea is to the left of Japan.
USA is to the right of Japan.
Brazil is on the other side of Japan.
China is on the side of Korea.
There is a pen on the top shelf.
I live in the house opposite .
The neighbor’s house is next to yours.


Unit 11 vocabulary

Meaning and Example

Import and export, international, get and give
ex) My father works in the trade office.
businessjob, work
ex) My father is businessman.
importwe get somethings that are made from other countries.
ex) Developing countries depend on imports
exportThe nation sells something to another nation
The opposite of import
ex) Japanese company export to Korea for sell the car.
profitWhen you invest to stock market, your money is increased. That increasing money is profit.
= extra money, benefit
ex) I could get a lot of profit from investment.
factoryA place to make something
ex) This chocolate is made by factory.
advertisementA notice  picture or film telling people about a product, job or service.

I have never seen PC advertisement yet.
commercialA animation or using website telling people about a product, job or service.
I don’t like this type of TV commercial.
customerthe people who visit the shop.
There were many customers in my shop to buy many meet.
discountlittle money of the product.
the store has a discount on all the product.
productmake something.
Japanese  Factory make very good products.
currencymeans like money
I have Canadian currency.
industry1 It is company.They make large big machine.
2 Our countries automobile industry is expending.
brand1 It is expensive logo or  someone  unique style.
2 This brand of tea is my favorite.
1 It is importance useful a worth.
2 Face book has historical value

1.It meaning is creating, bearing, growing and  making.
2.We produce a lot of books.
import1.It meaning is  into,bringing and getting.
2.My country  import many foods from other countries.
1.It meaning is sending, and  opposite  importing.
2.We export many fruits.

profit1.It meaning is winning and which is beyond of the costs
2. The company profit with produce computer.
tradebig business.
China trades to all the world.
advertisetrade on the Magazine.
MacDonald advertises on the TV.

Mobarak was released from the jail.
exchangethe act of giving someone something and receiving something else from them
ex) I exchange water for food
to rent something for free.
I borrowed the textbook from my teacher.

lendSimilar to ‘borrow’

Can you lend me a pen please.
decreaseSomething goes down
The opposite of increase
ex) Japanese population is decreasing
Something goes up
The opposite of decrease
ex) Steep of mountain is increasing.

1.It meaning is usable, able to get and buy,unmarried and free.
2.The clothes are available this shop.

1.It meaning is outside.
2.The people coming outside for study here.
Toyota company makes globally cars

Unit 4

Listening and Speaking (Prepositions)